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Be the change you wish to see in the world…


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”…this is a quote I have always loved because it is true in so many ways. Whether Ghandi said it or it was adapted from something he said, change needs to come from the people who see what needs to be changed. Its very simple, yet so poignant. For me, this quote has kept me going on getting the art centre started. Starting your own business truly sucks in so many ways. As a complete control freak, I have issues being patient and waiting on others to do their part. Case in point, the bank…we finally got our business plan done and then the person we were dealing with went on vacation and we got stuck with a woman who was extremely UN helpful. Richer than you think? Hmm don’t think so if we were to deal with this person. So now on to the next plan…looking for other funding sources.

For me, being patient is my area of weakness and something I have to work on…I honestly think this may be my life lesson…to learn to be patient. But the annoyances add up and patience is out the window. This week I am extremely grateful for my partner who reminds me constantly that this is what happens in business and to not forget why we are doing this venture. We want to be the change in the world and we need to be the people to do it.