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Just keep swimming…


I’m truly a person who likes things to just happen…again being calm and patient are not words that would be used to describe me. But I’m going to keep swimming and make this happen. Its pretty easy to get discouraged, but I know in my heart that my idea is great and that people will love the centre when its up and running.

Inspired by a group a friend invited me to on Facebook, I created a group called Women Entrepreneurs of Calgary. I was very shocked when I realized that a group like this didn’t exist yet…are there no women in business in Calgary? that seems absurd, doesn’t it? I know Calgary is a bit of an “old boys club” but there has to be other women out their with their own successful businesses? No? I guess I will see. If you are a women in Alberta, please join the group…I would love to hear from you…https://www.facebook.com/groups/409899075729506/

Thanks so much to everyone who “like”d my Mandala Art Centre page. Im at 62 likes, getting close to the 100 mark. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mandala-Art-Centre/354328764617034