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commercial real estate = painful


I know it probably sounds like a broken record, but trying to find the perfect space for the studio has been a very painful and never ending roller coaster. With August 1st coming up this week, my stomach reels at the thought of fall approaching so quickly and not having a space to call our own yet. Properties are either very small or humungous or in very industrial neighbourhoods or just not accessible. I’m still incredibly shocked at how there hasn’t been a single property that is already accessible. How is that even legal?  It completely baffles my mind.

I honestly don’t think I’m asking too much…an accessible space, between 1800-2000sf., near public transit that isn’t going to break the bank…come on $35.00 a square foot, are you crazy?

On the advice of my sister today I took the matters into my own hands and posted an ad on Kijiji to state exactly what I am looking for. And I already had a call and saw one place, seeing another tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I find a suitable place quickly…

Ill try to update this more often, I apologize for my tardiness lately!