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Its done…


We stayed up all night to get the business plan done and then the worst thing happened…it got deleted…At 4am we saved the document, then tried to email it and couldn’t find the document anywhere. Talk about painful. My poor, sweet man stayed up til 6am rewriting what we had done. Just awful. Technology for the most part hates me and Im fine with that, but not usually him. Anyway, its done and submitted to the bank and potential investor. Here’s hoping it all works out for us.

The never ending business plan…


Oh Man … there is a reason creative people aren’t accountants…its absolute torture taking something fabulous and making it one dimensional. So I write what I want to say and then my boyfriend takes it and makes it readable to those who want it summed up in one page. He even wrote in the plan…”boring stuff goes here, Ill do that part”.

So while I’m waiting for the boring part to be written, I’m experimenting with the projects I want to implement with my potential clients. Now that’s where Pinterest comes in…I thought I was creative until I went on there. There are seriously talented people out there reminding me of all Ive missed since being a working stiff for the last 5 1/2 years. Shrinky Dinks, forgot all about them and mixed media art…I’m in heaven. Ill post some pics of what I have done so far.

Getting to be very exciting and scary all at the same time with starting your own business.

the Business Plan…dun dun dun…


So now that I have the ideas and want to put them into action, I now have to come up with a Business Plan…the very words conjure up images of graphs, financial analyses, forecasts, sales…ahhh…everything I am not. I am an artist, extremely dramatic and able to show my passion when I talk. Trying to get that into a boring one page synopsis is pure torture to a person like me. I feel like Im writing my Master’s thesis all over again. How do you sum up creative on a white piece of paper? Ive sat here for the last three hours and have a page and a half…I know I have to get it done for people to take me seriously but come on…meet me…Ill show you how serious I am…help!