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What does art mean to you?


a very good question…

In attempting to get my text ready for  my website, this has been a question that keeps popping up in my mind.Im the last person to say or to tell anyone what is art, but in creating a centre, I am in essence saying what art is to me. My vision has been to be able to provide a barrier free space for anyone to be able to experience visual arts, dance/movement/yoga, martial arts, maybe fiber arts.To help me broaden my scope,  I created a survey to find out from others what kind of arts they would like to see at Mandala Art Centre. So far I have had a ton of very cool ideas from hip hop dance classes, to model painting, to open studio times, cooking classes and many more. I really want to create experiences that people actually want. I don’t want to dictate what we will offer.  I would really like the clientele to tell me what they want and then I do my best to make it happen. Swimming, a suggestion I got today, will not be possible in my space, but I may be able to call around and arrange it. So I guess what Im putting out there is please tell me and I will see what I can do to make it a reality. The sky is truly the limit at Mandala Art Centre. This is the link for anyone in the Calgary area to fill out if they want to have their voice hear in programming options for Mandala Art Centre.

While I can have 12 positive responses on my programs and funding, it is the 2 negatives that will keep me up at night. When I set out to start this studio I always said that barrier-free would mean that it would be open to everyone.  To have 2 people say that they couldn’t afford the program weighs heavily on my mind. At the moment I’m not a not for profit. And unfortunately I need a sustainable program, especially since it is my partner who is helping me financially to get this program up and running. I really want people to know that I am actively trying to find funding for those who cannot afford the program. This  is something I am very serious about. I cannot be barrier-free if people can’t afford to come. I have looked into creating scholarships, but most of the online sources for this dictate that I need to be a not for profit company. I will endeavor to find a way to create a place where people can donate to help the centre to be accessible for all. This is my promise to all who truly want to be part of the Mandala community.

Amoako Buachie…


I was fortunate today to come across this posting on Autism Speaks about a talented artist named Amoako Buachie, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. This posting talks about how art changed his life and gave him confidence and a means of expression. I really needed to see this today to inspire me to keep going, even in the face dealing with the cold business world. Im an artist, a teacher…Im not a business person, but I know that my centre will make a difference.

“Being an artist makes me feel very special and talented” Amoako Buachie