Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

Its done…


We stayed up all night to get the business plan done and then the worst thing happened…it got deleted…At 4am we saved the document, then tried to email it and couldn’t find the document anywhere. Talk about painful. My poor, sweet man stayed up til 6am rewriting what we had done. Just awful. Technology for the most part hates me and Im fine with that, but not usually him. Anyway, its done and submitted to the bank and potential investor. Here’s hoping it all works out for us.


Pinterest…Im addicted…


Seriously I can not get enough of Pinterest…I mean just when I think, I should go to bed, Im still on it for hours. In starting an art centre, there is a plethora of art activities for all ages and abilities. Tonight I was endlessly learning about how to use gel mediums as transfers onto any medium (canvas, wood, fabric). Its amazing.

The other day, I was trying to explain Pinterest to my mom, she is one of the craftiest people I know (clearly where I got my abilities from) so I really wanted her to get inspired by all the amazing things on Pinterest. But its kind of hard to grasp the concept of what Pinterest is at first, but when you get it…its like magic. Pinterest is like an amazing filing cabinet of topics all organized in one place. If you want info on scrapbooking, you type that in and a ton of images come up. If you like a particular image then you click on it (and hopefully its not spam) and it takes you to a tutorial or instructions on how to do or make something. No more searching, its already been done for you! I thought I was skilled until I saw what others came up with. Very impressive, but I warn highly,  its freakin addictive! The other day, my boyfriend had to come and literally and Im not kidding, turn off my computer screen so I would go to bed. Its pathetic…but check it out if you darE!!

Tonight, I got hooked on a vintage digital stamps that you can print out/copy/use for free. http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.ca/ gorgeous site if you are looking for mixed media images. Beautiful selection of free vintage images. They also have an Etsy store.

Crap I just went to look at the link and got hooked looking again. Alright,  enough, time for bed. Check this out though, really great stuff.